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It's Ok to Want More

It's Ok to Want More

By: Kat

There comes a time when you question whether this is what, or who, you want to be.

You’ve been watching life pass you by for so long, when you know in your heart this is not how you want to be spending it.

You see others living out their dreams, and you want that to be your reality so badly.

You have suppressed what you’ve wanted for so long to please others that you lost track of who you are and why you wanted to be her in the first place.

You finally have reached a point where you know you have to take a different path in your life, or you will always regret what could have been.

It’s ok to want that. It’s ok to reach for the stars.

Yes, there’s a chance you might crash back down to Earth, but wouldn’t you rather do that than spend your entire life wondering ‘what if’?

It’s ok to want more.

What’s not ok is letting someone take away your dreams simply because they’re too afraid to find their own.

It’s not ok to push someone else down to raise yourself up, to hold someone back just because you are afraid to move forward.

It’s always ok to want more for yourself and your loved ones. Never feel ashamed of that.

Just strive to be the best for yourself, and you’ll know you’re doing what you should be.

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