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Keep Calm and Find Your Passion

Keep Calm and Find Your Passion

By: Megan Jo Weber

Finding your passion has been the topic of my last few blog posts. But how exactly do we do that when our lives are filled with 8-5 jobs, busy schedules, kids, and other commitments?

First off, I never got the chance to define the word passion. According to dictionary.com, the word passion as a noun means a strong amorous feeling or desire.....in other words: love.  

How do we go about finding this so called passion in our lives? Maybe you already have a lot of interests outside of work and family, something you can enjoy on your own. But you feel like there isn't enough time in the day to fulfill that passion. Or maybe you are the person who says, "maybe someday...when I have the money I can do this or that....." The problem with these thoughts is that your hobbies, interests, and passions always lay on the back burner, in the "near future." 

If you're really passionate about something, then right now is the best time to start. I can give you a personal testimony to this. 

I am going on my fourth year teaching. Teaching is something I am passionate about. But my other passion, photography, just seemed to never "happen." And then I took a chance and bought myself a fancy new camera. It took me almost a year to get started using it though because, well, I always put it off. I put off studying up on the camera and practicing with it....basically because I was lazy and was putting too much pressure on myself to be the perfect teacher. After this last school year, I realized that's not possible. So in the summer I started up with my photography. I have been going out and exploring, taking pictures. And this is where my blog comes into play. I want to have a chance to share my stories and my photos with others. 

Now this whole process, of starting a blog, photography, and being a teacherprenuer has not been easy. There are days I feel super unmotivated. There are days when I feel too tired because of other commitments. And that's fine! Just like it is for you. Your passions, interests, hobbies are there for you as an outlet. It's there for you to explore yourself. To experiment. To endure challenges. 

Today, I leave you with some words of wisdom for finding yourself and your passion.

1. Do you- Do what makes you happy, excited, feel breathless, whatever emotion it may bring to you- as Nike says, just do it!  


2. Rediscover playtime- Remember being a kid and going outside and  just playing around? What about all those countless days spent with the neighborhood kids playing kick the can or whatever it may be? Go out, explore, and find adventure! 


3. Give yourself time- Don't rush finding your new hobby or interest. Give yourself time to really feel connected to it. Listen to your gut. Focus on pursuing what feels right to you. 


4. Seek help from others- Read up on your new interests. Find blogs. Look for members in your community that share your own passions and interests. It will make it much easier for you to go out and do you. 


You have no idea where these interests may lead you. Maybe they will open your eyes to something you never thought would be on your radar.