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Just to Be Clear, My Big Heart Doesn't Equal Weakness

Just to Be Clear, My Big Heart Doesn't Equal Weakness

By: Amina Chinnell-Mateen

Once you get labeled 'the girl with the big heart,' people will react to you one of two ways. 

Some will tilt their heads, soften their features, and look at you like you're a helpless puppy. Others won't be as passive, they'll try to take advantage of your kind nature.

Either way, you're seen as weak. Someone non-threatening, easily manipulated, or vulnerable. But what people don't realize, is that just because I have a big heart doesn't mean I don't know how to protect it.

I'll always help others who need someone to listen, to show love to someone who's in need, to be there for the ones I love through all the bumps and bruises.

But the minute someone tries to take advantage of me, or takes me for granted, I'll put an end to it. I know what I have to offer people, and I won't let anyone do wrong by this big heart of mine.

And I'll never apologize for that. 

I'm not perfect by any means, so sometimes, this big heart of mine can lead me astray. 

I'm clumsy in love and I fall too hard. Sometimes, it's a stubborn heart, refusing to walk away from relationships, even the ones bringing me down. And other times, a naïve heart, thinking that love can save people from brokenness, or fix problems.

With a heart this big, it's no secret I've felt heartbreak.

But it also means I've lived, and I've learned. I've grown stronger.

And my strength doesn't take away from my kindness. Being compassionate and strong at the same time is completely possible. 

I know how to love with conviction because I know what is like for people to leave, for people to decide I am not good enough. But the thing is with all the pain, I have learned how to love without condition. 

I have chosen to be honest with my heart. I know how to fight for those I love, and I know what it means to commit. 

I can be selfless, put my heart on the line for others, and show endless kindness to those I love, but that doesn't mean I don't know how to stand up for myself.

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