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Letting Go May Be Hard, but Believe me Living a Constant Lie Your Whole Life is Harder

Letting Go May Be Hard, but Believe me Living a Constant Lie Your Whole Life is Harder

By: Yelllowdog

Hey, you. Yeah, you. I'm talking too you. It's finally time to start living your life again. Forget that asshole who broke your heart. You're better off without them. You may not see it now, but one day you will.

 Right now I bet your scared. Your questioning whether, or not walking away is the right thing. Don't question it any longer. Whether you want to hear it, or not walking away is the only thing you can do. Let's be real if your relationship was going well you wouldn't be having these thoughts and hesitations.

What has gotten you too this point? Was it constant lies that your partner told you? Did you fight constantly? Were you worried he or she may be cheating on you? Did you feel as though you weren't spending enough time together? Was your partner abusive in some way? Moral of the story whatever reason you have for leaving its probably a good one.

With that being said no matter how much you love a person, don't stay just because it seems to be whats easiest. Instead stay because you know what you have is what you want now until forever. At the end of the day the longer you stay in the relationship questioning it, the longer you are living a lie.

My advice to you is as hard as it is to leave the person you love do it if your not happy. At the end of the day they have already broken your heart in someway. The longer you stay, the more likely both of you are to become more hurt when the day of the breakup comes. Leaving sooner than later is not only doing you a favor, but your partner as well.

When you sit and question if this decision to leave is really the right one think to yourself, do I want to lie my whole life to keep someone else happy like I have been doing? Your response was most likely no, and I understand that feeling completely.

All and all if your questioning your happiness now, you most likely will be questioning it in 20 years from now. Don't let yourself live for someone else, live for your own happiness. Go out and find the person that loves you completely. You deserve to be happy, so don't settle for anything less.