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Admit It, She Loved You So Hard That It Scared You

Admit It, She Loved You So Hard That It Scared You

By: Monica

Have you ever heard the saying “worrying is like wishing for something bad to happen?” Sometimes she thinks that’s what happened to the two of you. 

She was so terrified of losing you, that it became all she thought about. 

You were so important to her, you gave her this once in a lifetime feeling that she never thought she deserved.

Did you feel it when you were lying together at night and she would hold you extra close or when you hugged goodbye she lingered for that extra second? She was so scared of losing you, that she took in every second like it was her last.

Just the thought of you leaving her sent this aching feeling to her chest that just about made her cry every time.  

But maybe that’s what pushed you away.

She wanted so badly for you to choose her, just once, that it ended up making you want to do the opposite. 

At first your love with like a whirlwind of emotions, but that can only last for so long, right? She didn’t think so, but you clearly did. 

Maybe she overwhelmed you, maybe her love was too strong for too long that you didn’t know what to do with it.

Or maybe you’re just not capable of loving someone who is capable of so much unconditional support that it scared you. 

Either way, just know you’ve lost the strongest, kindest, most giving girl you’ll probably ever meet. Her heart is made out of pure gold and all you did was let it go. 

Temporarily, her heart was in shambles. She was up all night wondering what she could’ve done differently, analyzing every word, every text, every card you’ve ever given her. Searching for clues as to where she went wrong. 

But then she realized, it wasn’t her. She didn’t love ‘too hard,’ you just couldn’t handle it. 

So when you do start to regret it, and you will, she’ll already be gone. Because as much as she wanted it to work out between you two, as much as she wished every night you would call and tell her that you truly loved her and beg for her back… she won’t accept it. 

She won’t accept being anything less than a priority in the life of the one she loves. She won’t settle for a half-hearted love or the loneliness you left her in half the time. 

Because now, she knows exactly what she deserves and it’s more than you’re capable of giving her.