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Listen Up Ladies, Ask Him On That Date

Listen Up Ladies, Ask Him On That Date

By: Mary Ellen

Women can do anything.  

We are traveling the world solo.  We are running marathons, taking over boardrooms.

All the while, we are still kicking ass at home.  We can still run PTO's and take care of our children.

We can simultaneously be the breadwinners and the bread bakers.

Anything we want, we get.

But yet we are too scared to ask a man on a date.

Bite the bullet, ladies, and just ask him.  Yes, it can be scary.  Yes, rejection sucks.  But it's really not as bad as we make it out to be in our heads.

There are literally three things that could happen if you ask a man on a date:

1. He says yes.

2. He says no.

3. He doesn't respond.

If he says yes, then great.  You get what you wanted, you go on a date and go from there.

If options 2 or 3 happen, it's not the end of the world.

Yes, you may be hurt or disappointed.  Maybe even a little embarrassed.  But you will move on.

Most importantly, you will know. 

So send that text.  Then if you have to, throw your phone in your purse right after you hit send, because you are afraid of what will be on it the next time it buzzes.

Once you do, there will be no more guessing games, no more trying to figure out what his mixed signals mean.

You will have a definite answer, and that knowledge is worth risking rejection.

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