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Finally Living Together Makes a Long Distance Relationship So Worth It

Finally Living Together Makes a Long Distance Relationship So Worth It

By: Kimi Ann-Marie

Long distance is worth all the stress and waiting. 

Because when you finally move in with each other all the waiting and stress is now in the past.

When I moved in with my long distance boyfriend, I was terrified.

I knew I would be happy and enjoy his company, but I couldn’t help myself from feeling scared and worried since we spent all this time apart and now would see each other every day.

I was afraid it would break us up. I was afraid he would get bored of me. I was afraid he wouldn't want me once he truly learned all of my ins and outs. 

My mind made me think the worst and question our love.

But then when I would wake up next to him every morning, instantly all the doubt disappeared. 

Being able to kiss him every day felt incredible and hugging him every day made my heart melt.

After a long day, all of my anxieties vanished once I was in his arms. 

Of course, it’s not always sunshine and easy days. The fights are face to face now, there’s no just hanging up on him and cooling off. 

We had to face our issues head on and believe me, that can be overwhelming and leave a pretty big knot in your stomach. 

But we found in our hearts to hash everything, see each other’s side, and find a solution. Then have make-up sex of course. 

The sex made the face to face fighting all worth it.

I knew deep down inside we could make it through anything after our LDR.

Our love continued to grow into an unbreakable friendship as the days passed.

The wait, stress, calls, texts, snaps, and short visits are all worth it in the end.

Moving in will changing your relationships for the better if you let it.

So keep your head up and push through all the new changes after your LDR.