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Call Her Crazy, but She Knew This LDR Wasn't Built to Last

Call Her Crazy, but She Knew This LDR Wasn't Built to Last

By: Kimi Ann-Marie

When it comes to LDR’s it usually comes down to one of two outcomes: one– either you beat the distance and you come out of it stronger than ever, or two– the miles make you both shaky and you fall apart. 

Most of the time, it ends up breaking us. 

It has been made so easy for him to lie in a text. She can’t see his face or hear his voice shaking as he stumbles over what to say, all she has are six little words, “don’t worry, she’s just a friend.” 

Sorry, but how is that supposed to make her not worry? How is that supposed to comfort her from miles away as she stays up wondering what’s so great about this random girl and what isn’t good enough about her?

But she takes what she can get because she loves him. She wants this to work so badly that she puts her anxieties aside and allow herself to trust him. To take his words and run with them but never truly forgetting that deep in her gut that something’s up. 

It’s the feeling she can’t shake as she falls asleep that he has his arm around another girl. It’s the feeling like she’s getting punched in stomach when he goes hours without answering her, when he promised never to do that. 

But the thing is, a lot of the time, they’re good. The conversations are happy and light and the laughs are constant. Maybe this can work, maybe he’s the one and when the time is right she’ll finally be brought together.

She’s made it this far right? What’s another few months apart? 

Until she does finally ask him the hard questions over the phone, she can hear the nervousness in his voice, his stutter as he tries to find the words that she wants to hear. 

Liar. Four letters strung together with so much hate, so much anger, so much heartbreak that now she’s miles away and her heart is in pieces. 

Call her crazy, but she just knew. 

She doesn’t need physical evidence when she has the truth screaming at her, warning her he’s not being loyal. 

Is staying faithful really too much to ask?


So she keeps her head up and stays away from love for a while. Because along with all the time she invested in her relationship, he stole her trust and her ability to believe in love.

So as much as her heart might be craving love, she'll stay put and just wait for the right person to come along.