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Lucas Scott's 6 Helpful Grieving Stages

Lucas Scott's 6 Helpful Grieving Stages

By: Kimi Ann-Marie

One Tree Hills has taught us so much about life and death. After Keith dies, Luke explains how he goes through 6 different stages in episode 17 in Season 3.

1) Denial 

 This can’t be happening. Please poke me. I’m having a nightmare, right? Wake me up when this horror is over.


Everyone and everything gets under your skin. I hear trigger words then instant snap. I even break things and say things I don't mean.  


I keep asking what if and questioning life itself. I become frightened over the smallest things like have I ruin friendships or a relationship because of the anger stage.


it’s all my fault. I could have done this and that differently then maybe he or she would still be alive. I could have changed the situation.


 I'm feeling drained and hopeless as everything passes by me. I don't want to leave my bed. All I want to do all day is cry until I can't cry anymore.


I have to accept he or she is gone. I have to learn to cope and move on. There's nothing I can do to change the present.

Death is a difficult thing to deal with. Everyone takes death differently. The truth is no one grieves the same.

Listen to Luke. His steps will guide you