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No Matter What You're Battling, You're Never Alone

No Matter What You're Battling, You're Never Alone

By: Taryn Carr

We desperately cling to music, to poems, to books, to anything. Anything to make us feel less alone. We just want to feel like we're not crazy. Like someone, anyone, knows what we're going through.

Our favorite songs, our favorite books, even our favorite articles, we cling to them because we long for someone to write down the words that we never could.

We do anything to find someone who can put into words the jumbled thoughts in our heads that never seem to make sense.

From new love, to first heartbreak, to family problems, we all just want to know that someone knows what we're going through.

We all just want to feel like someone understands, like we're not alone. Even if it is a stranger, it makes us feel like we're not alone in this life.

Some people are just blessed, those who know how to put feelings into words. And we all just hope that someone will be able to do it for ours.

That someone, anyone, will put what we feel into something that makes sense.

Something that we can show the world and say "Look! I'm not crazy! Look! Someone understands me! Look! I'm not alone."

We search and search and search for the words to explain it, anything to tell people we're not alone in this fight. Anything to tell ourselves someone else has won this battle.

We search for someone to show us that this battle is winnable, and that maybe, just maybe, we can get through whatever it is.

Life is hard and we can't get through it alone and that's why people write. That is why there are songs and books and movies and all these things to tell stories.

There are all these different ways to tell someone "I'm here. I hear you. You're not alone."

Because you're not. You're not alone. And sometimes even just those words are enough.

Sometimes just the words "you're not alone" are enough to get us through the day, and when they're not, we search more.

Until, one day we get through it. We fight our battles until we feel like there's no more fight left and then one day, we win.

And that day, that is the day, we can finally start to tell someone else, "It will be okay, you will win this. You are not alone."