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Maybe I'm Naive, but I Never Knew Love Could Hurt This Bad

Maybe I'm Naive, but I Never Knew Love Could Hurt This Bad

By: Casandra Martinson

I always saw love as a connection between two people who care about each other on a deeper level than anyone else. A bond that seemingly makes every moment a little brighter, the laughs a little louder, and the kisses last a little longer. 

Never had I ever thought love would be the cause of so much pain...

No one warned me about the endless nights full of tears. 

Tears of regret, of heartbreak, of not feeling good enough. The tears that are shed because the one you love doesn’t love you back. 

Or about the fights that would last hours, days, sometimes even weeks. 

Not all fights are fixed with an apology, kisses, and flowers. Some fights are recurring. Some fights know no end. 

Because some don’t understand how hurtful keeping a secret can be. 

Some decided to keep things hidden because they are scared to let their skeletons in their closet be seen, but if you cannot be honest with the one that you “love,” you might as well leave… except they don’t.

Or how words can truly take a beating to the soul.

Like the “I love you’s” that weren’t really “I love you’s.” They were fake. They didn’t have any meaning. 

No one told me falling in and out of love happens all the time.

Or that you are not supposed to leave when that happens. That you’re supposed to know, deep down, you’re meant to be with this person forever so you stay and you fight until you feel that passion again. 

And some people will still give up on love even if you stay around and stick it out.

Some people get tired and some people just don’t want to. Some people only love until it’s convenient. Some people don’t even see your love as worth fighting for.

Because sometimes, love is a commitment, not a feeling.

It’s not about being in love, it’s about making a choice to stay when there is no love. It’s about so much more than only seeing each other or only being with each other. 

It’s about being honest about every little thing, It’s never letting the other feel left in the dark.

I just wish someone had shown me that when you’re in real love, no part of your soul will question it. 

That even in your lowest moments, you’ll never wonder if you made the right choice with him. Every single part of you will be able to feel it and see it. You will never have to wonder if you chose the right one because you will just know. 

But I guess somethings you just have to learn on your own, but love is definitely worth the struggles.