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On Figuring Out Who the Hell You Are

On Figuring Out Who the Hell You Are

By: Ali Nicole

You are infinite in a confined space. I wish I could tell you differently, but I can’t. That’s what we all are—a jumble of beautiful pieces trying to fit together in a small box even though we feel we have the possibility of being the tallest tower the world has ever seen.

It’s not that life is full of limits and there aren’t all these places you can go—it’s just that life can only handle so much of us at one time.

But it’s all about navigating those pieces, creating something that allows you to be everything you want to be and more in all the space the world allows you.

You have the potential to be all of these great and amazing things. 

I’ll be honest, trying to figure out what those things are is going to result in a lot of pointless building and dead-ends. You’ll hit plenty of walls in your box that leave you tumbling down.

And it is going to suck so much you won’t want to get back up. You will want to lay in your puddle of suck and wallow in it like a four year-old throwing a temper tantrum. It’s okay to be a four year-old throwing a temper tantrum. It just means you’re one step closer to finding yourself in a more mature state.

We age just like our physical selves—it’s all a process. We have to move from one stage to another to figure everything out about ourselves.

Eventually you’ll find the path you’re meant to take. You’ll have taken so many wrong steps and moves that you just won’t be able to help making the right ones.

You’ll look down the tower, look around your little box and find that it is full, so full you can barely see all those edges. You will have found yourself.

Stop staring at the clock and wishing of what will be and try to really live through this period of building. All the falls and scrapes and cuts and bruises and fears and broken hearts are going to make you so much more in time to come.

So let down you guard, those extra walls you’re holding up and really be, really feel the air around you.

Really be you.

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