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When You Truly Love Someone, You Don't Stop

When You Truly Love Someone, You Don't Stop

By: Kait mackinnon

"Loving someone when things are rainbows and happy faces is the easy part - it's when things get really shitty that loving someone is hard."

I've never told anyone that I love them romantically. It's something that I don't think you should say until you're 100% certain.

I've casually dated men who gave me butterflies and made my heart tingle. After a while, I'd think to myself, “could this be love?” 

I'd convince myself that it was, but due to the nature of our casual relationships, I didn't tell them. Lying next to them in bed, I felt like they were home. I thought I could, and would, love them forever.

When each one left, I was shattered; convinced that I had let my soulmate slip away and no one would ever make me feel that way again. 

But eventually, each of those guys did something that I just couldn't forgive them for. And just like that, our “love” was gone.

I felt so much hatred for them. Looking back now and I realize it couldn't have been love because I don't feel a goddamn thing for them anymore. 

When you love someone, you get know all of their quirks and flaws, and begin to love those, too. You see each other at your best and your worst; that brings you closer together. Those moments seal your bond.

They could break your heart and you wouldn't hate them. You'd still wait to see their name light up your phone; you'd take them back in a heartbeat. 

If you see them years later, you'll look them in the eye and remember what it was like to love them. Love doesn't go away just because you've stopped seeing each other. It won't be the same intensity, but it'll still be there.

When you love someone, you don't stop, no matter what happens. If you wake up one day and find that you no longer love someone, ask yourself if you ever really did.

I've never been in love, but I'm lucky to have experienced “love," because I'll know how to recognize the real thing when I find it.