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Praise God Through The Lows Just As Much As The Highs

Praise God Through The Lows Just As Much As The Highs

By: Casandra Martinson

So many people see praising God as something that only happens on Sunday mornings inside of a church building as people are singing praises of worship to The Lord and hearing the pastor give a sermon.

What so many people fail to realize is that God is always doing things in our life that are so worthy of his praise. 

He is constantly at work regardless of whether you think about it or not. He always knows what is going to happen.

"We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose” -Romans 8:28

Even if you don’t realize it right now, the negative in your life is being used by God for a positive purpose. 

So, with that being said, praise Him.

Praise Him just as much through the storms as you do through the rainbows. 

Praise Him for the good and the bad. Praise Him for the things that you wanted to come about happening and praise Him for the things that you wanted that you did not receive. 

Regardless of what you think, He knows what is best for each and every individual and He truly does work for the good.

Praise God that the boy you wanted to text you back didn’t.

He obviously has a purpose for it. Maybe you were going to be abused, maybe you were going to be cheated on, maybe you were destined to meet someone so much better than he is and you just don’t see it right now.

Praise God that you didn’t get that job.

Maybe you're supposed to be doing something else, maybe you're supposed to be in a different location because on your first day, you would have gotten into a car accident on the way and died.

Praise God that you woke up late.

Maybe you were woken up late because if you showered first, you would have slipped and hit your head, maybe you were going to get into a car accident on your way to wherever you were going, maybe you were going to have a heart attack getting up so early and trying to rush to get ready as you are putting insane amounts of stress on your body. 

Praise God through the darkness. 

God is always aware even when you are not. He is all knowledgeable.

Praise God for the things that you can’t see, not just the things that you can.

God always has your best interests at heart and He has always had your back. That is not something to take for granted. 

That is a huge blessing.