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6 Tips How to Prevent Ingrown Hairs and Make Your Feet Look Great

6 Tips How to Prevent Ingrown Hairs and Make Your Feet Look Great

By: redhead2

Are you tired of getting and dealing with those unsightly ingrown hairs which often occur after you have shaved, epilated or waxed your unwanted hair? Here are six tips and solutions for dealing with ingrown hairs and ways to prevent them:


Use a properly sterilized pair of tweezers to gently lift up the problematic hairs before you proceed to shave, wax or epilate the area. This will ensure that the ingrown hairs are removed along with the other unwanted hair during the process. You may feel the urge to pluck them off, but it better to leave them like that and remove them along with the rest of the hair by using your preferred hair removal processes. This works when the curled up hair is close to the surface of the skin. You can help lift the ingrown hairs by using exfoliation, but this can take longer. If you have very sensitive skin, be careful when pulling out ingrown hairs, as you may suffer from skin damage and scarring.


Exfoliate the skin where you have ingrown hairs. Exfoliation will help lift out the hairs trapped beneath the upper layer of your skin. It is recommended that you always exfoliate the skin before you proceed to shave, wax or epilate it. Also, to help prevent ingrown hairs, exfoliate every other day. You can use one of the many types of exfoliation cream and solutions, or can make your own scrub at home. Exfoliation can be physical or chemical. The physical exfoliation process includes removing the dead skin cells with the help of a body scrub, exfoliation glove or brush or others. Chemical exfoliation can be performed with the help of specialized exfoliating products which contain salicylic acid or alpha hydroxyl acids. The chemical exfoliation method is more suitable for people who have recurring problems with hairs growing under the skin. You will need to moisturize the exfoliated skin after you are done, because it does cause the skin to dry off.


Use physical exfoliation to lift up the trapped hairs from underneath your skin. This method s gentler on the skin and it is less expensive than chemical exfoliation. Use your preferred exfoliation brush, glove or other tool to clean the skin and help remove ingrown hairs. You can do this daily when you are showering in order to keep the skin clean and safe from ugly ingrown hairs. You can use exfoliating soaps or other solutions, or make your own scrub with some brown sugar, oatmeal or others.

Make your own exfoliating scrub with sea salt, sugar or Epsom salt. It is safe, cheap and very easy to do on a daily basis.


Use chemical exfoliation if you have many or deeper ingrown hairs. This method is harsh on the skin, so make sure you use it less frequently in accordance to the instructions of the manufacturer.


Epilating can help reduce the risk of getting ingrown hairs too. A good and powerful epilator will help remove the hairs from the roots instead of trimming and cutting them off. This helps reduce the risk of the newly growing hair of growing inside its follicle under the skin. Exfoliating the skin before epilation will help remove ingrown hairs too. There are some  models of epilators which have exfoliating applicators included in the kit too.


If shaving is your chosen hair removal method, then make sure that you are shaving properly in order to reduce the risk of getting ingrown hairs. Never use a razor with a dull blade, because not only will the shaving be less efficient, but you also risk cutting yourself or getting ingrown hairs. Also, shave opposite of the direction of the hair growth, so that you reduce the risk of hairs growing into your skin. Remember to exfoliate the skin before you shave. Always use a shaving cream, gel or soap when you are shaving.

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