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Holding out For "The One" Can Make It Harder to Find Love

Holding out For "The One" Can Make It Harder to Find Love

By: Brittney Lindstrom

Some people are so focused on finding "the one" that they don't take the time to learn about the sacrifices that love truly requires, so instead: 

1. They cling to the idea that finding 'the right' partner will make them feel worthy.

No one should ever find their own worth in someone else. When you base your value off of another, you're setting yourself up to be hurt. But instead of thinking practically...

2. They're absolutely sure their soulmate is out there.

People are looking for "the one" so intently that they completely miss out on opportunities for love, relationships, and happiness.

They're always focusing on what just happened or what's coming next. They lose track of (and end up wasting) the present moment because they're focused on the idea that...

3. Once they meet that special person, their love will conquer all.

People are constantly changing and evolving; for a relationship to work, whoever they're with has to not only accept those changes but adapt to them as well. There's no guarantee that...

4. They'll just live happily ever after.

Reality bites: people have minimal control over what happens in their relationships. The only thing they really can control is their own behavior. 

Life doesn't always go according to plan. If someone's hung up on a picture-perfect idea of what love is "supposed to" look like, they'll be stuck chasing it forever - especially if they believe that with the right person...

5. They won't have to work to keep the love alive.

Whoever said "love is enough" was misinformed or just plain lying; relationships take constant effort. 

Nobody is entitled to love or happiness in this life. Something as beautiful and life-changing as love isn't self-sustaining, it must be earned and nurtured.