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Reasons for Using a Bicycle for Transportation

Reasons for Using a Bicycle for Transportation

By: Andrew Bezen

Cycling is such a fun activity that will have you so energized even after you are done with it. You can turn your hobby into a means of transport and am sure you will have a better time doing it. Here are some of the reasons to start using your bicycle for transportation:


Cycling is the most cost-effective means of transport in our economy today. It does not require any fuel or constant maintain ace for the user. You can even decide to manage it yourself, and it will cost you close to nothing. You can forgo expenses such as parking fee, servicing fee and insurance fee. Also in a case of any damage, the spare parts are readily available and at a very affordable price compared to other means of transport.

Weight management

Cycling allows you to burn close to 500 calories for every hour you cycle comfortably without straining yourself. This will help you lose up to 20pound within the first year of use even without strainers workout or changing your diet. Cycling will also help reduce obesity and other overweight related diseases such as diabetes type 2 or joint pains such as knee pain. Cycling has also been proven to reduce the growth rate of cancer cells especially breast cancer and colon cancer.

Cycling also improves your stamina and strength to the rider, for ladies if you want a beautiful, elegant bike you can try the lady cruiser which are comfortable.

Carbon footprint

Cycling only burns calories and does not require any form of fuel what so ever. Making it the perfect means of transport. They also do not emit any pollutants into the air or any fumes. This is a good way to conserve the environment and also have so much fun.

Flexibility and convenience

Cycling is a very flexible means of transport. For example, if you are stuck in traffic, you can easily maneuver though the traffic with a lady cruiser compares to someone with a car. You can also park your bicycle anywhere like a pole, rack tree as long as you safely lock it making it so convenient for the rider as compared to a person driving a car.

Simply fun

Cycling has been proven to reduce stress and improve your mental health. Since it improves your physical appearance through toning your body and engaging muscle in your body ever, automatically this improves self-confidence and self-esteem. Low self-esteems and self-confidence are the leading causes of depressions, especially in ladies. Ladies grab you a lady cruiser and use it as your second means of transport and watch your life change. The wind is blowing through your hair, the adrenaline rushing through your veins is enough to help you forget about your worries. I guarantee you

No driving license, no problem!

Cycling is a good way of moving around if you cannot drive or if you do not have a driving license. They require no qualification to ride them as long as you follow the safety rules and you can peddle then you are good to go. It is faster than walking and very flexible because you will not be subjected to walking in congested areas continuously bumping into people.

You do not have to own the bicycle.

If you cannot afford to purchase a bicycle at the moment and want a fast way to move around, well there programs that offer bike rental services which are very affordable and convenient to a person who cannot afford to rent a car or buy a bike. This makes it even more convenient to anyone who wants to start cycling. You can rent to experiment to see if you would love to change your means of transport before buying your bicycle.

Since you have seen the numerous advantages of cycling and using a bicycle as a means of transportation for your day to day life. Give it a shot!