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Rock Bottom Is Where I Built My Solid Foundation

Rock Bottom Is Where I Built My Solid Foundation

By: LindSey baxter

You can have it all (or close to it). Steady job with a possible career. A house in your name. Bills paid at a steady rate. The perfect partner. Life could just about be paradise. Then BAM. The person of your dreams isn't the person you thought they were. The job you were hoping to make your career out of- well you don't have it anymore. Your bills get behind.. you lose your house. Your partner leaves you along with the mess that has fell in your lap. You go from a successful person in their mid 20's....to 26 moving all your furniture into your parents' basement and you're sleeping in your childhood bedroom. 


Your friends start to fade. The relationship you had with your mother is shaky due to the new living arrangement. No one seems to understand you- worse- you don't even know yourself anymore. Jobs are harder to come by. A few interviews in- although you will take anything- you know it won't be half as amazing as your last. 

Keep your head up. Fuck, I know you have heard that about a million times. It's cliché...it's generic...it's disingenuous. But...sadly it is true, Yes, just like they say... something will come around.. just be patient. TRUE.TRUE.TRUE. Sucks- I know.  

Seriously. Hitting rock bottom shouldn't be seen as what you have lost...rather- What can you build? Take time to figure out who you really want to be. Soul search. Do a Eat, Pray. Love revolution...(even if it's  from the dollar menu of every drive thru...and loving yourself)  Reflect back to childhood. Who did you see yourself becoming...you know...before life became such a son-of-a-bitch? Do you still want to be that person? DO IT!!! REBUILD. 

Soon. Soon.... you will find yourself again. You will see the light again. Things, honestly will start happening... make a plan- and follow it to your future. Build what you want out of life. If you have a hobby see if you can make a living out of it. Make most out of he simple things. Laugh. Laugh all time. I mean really laugh. The gut laugh where you couldn't stop if you tried. Cry. YES- CRY! Get all that built up anger and emotions out of your body and soul. Like a cleanse. Work on your physical appearance along with the inner.  All of a sudden you will find this person you love in yourself- not only that you will love who you become. You'll start attracting people that love who you are. You'll attract careers that you would love to pursue. 

The glass is always as much full as it is empty, Perception is key. 

Rock bottom is the perfect place to rebuild a solid foundation.