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Self-Realization #FTW

Self-Realization #FTW

By: Kaiti Osborn

Every new relationship contains this sense of excitement in the beginning. You are almost on a high when the first few weeks fly by. But eventually things begin to settle down to a normal pace and you’re quickly reminded of who you are emotionally. 

That girl took a short hiatus but she is definitely back and in full swing if you know what I mean. The thoughts and questions just won’t stop turning over and over in my head. And you start to show little snippets of this part of you to him (and this is when the fear kicks in my friends). 

This time it’s different though. He watch every snippet you had to show him. And held you through them all with reassurance that you aren’t silly or crazy and made you feel safe. 

Then you start to worry a little more about how this could be possible. The thoughts go spiraling about how or why this is happening to you. Is it too good to be true? Will I jinx everything? 

Eventually though you have to become stronger than all the silly little thoughts tearing your brain apart day after day. And I can honestly tell you now that I believe in this and it truly is a game changer in not only my relationship with him but also with myself. 

Conquering the negative thoughts I constantly undergo with a relationship is a hard step to take but a very necessary one. They are going to be what stops be from truly being happy and I’m not going to let that happen this time. 

I deserve to be so damn happy. 

And I’m not going to let some silly or worrisome thoughts stop that from happening now. Especially with a guy like him. He is truly one of a kind. There is no word to describe this man and I don’t want to let that go. 

So here’s to a change for the better. And I couldn’t be more thankful to have finally conquered this small but mighty battle of self-realization on what step I need to take now in order to continue to be truly happy, like I deserve.