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Some things are just not meant to be

Some things are just not meant to be

By: Akshay

Its been a little over an year when she left me. I remember that day so clearly. We both had a flight in the early morning and left together in the same taxi. Not a word was being spoken from either of us. I was just staring outside the window not able to process whats happening here. 

Sometimes I would tell myself that maybe it is for the best, maybe this is the right thing to do, I just don't seem to make her happy. But then a feeling of anxiety and gloominess would deter me and a voice that whisper, “stop her, don't let her go, don't let it happen”. But I would ignore it and convince myself, ‘It was inevitable, it just wasn't meant to be’. 

I can feel she is looking at me but doesn't know what to tell me. She is happy she is going back to her father and her family, back to her home and comforts. Why would see make herself and her family suffIt was her decision and I believe the right one too. She was right to chose her happiness over uncertainty.

It had always seemed like a very beautiful dream, I think I have always known that. She was an angel from a beautiful city where they treat people with kindness and apathy whereas me, I am just a peasant from a village. How can I even in my wildest dream imagine to keep her happy. I always have had wondered what did she even saw in me that made her decide that she wants to be by my side forever. I have always doubted our love. But I have always loved her more than I can ever imagine. 

We arrived at the airport and it was a goodbye. She kissed me passionately I kissed her back, I hoped  that she doesn't really want to leave but it was just a fool’s hope. “I hope you will come and take me back”she said, “I am not sure” I told her. Than she turned and left and I returned to the taxi to go to the next airport.