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Starting Over...Something like the Butterfly Effect...

Starting Over...Something like the Butterfly Effect...

By: Evette Alba

I recently learned that the butterfly flies with the wind, not toward it. It simply just goes with the flow. 

And then I had a thought; us humans feel the need to constantly switch-up the circumstances around us. We want to change the wrongs and fix everything that’s broken. We tend to lose ourselves when we try to take control of what’s going on in our lives. What we fail to understand is that sometimes we need to break into teeny tiny pieces so that we can learn how to build ourselves. And you may not even be the same, but you will have the pieces that are necessary to help you grow. Its all part of a new beginning, a scary one, but it’s definitely another chance to get it right. This isn't about romantic relationships only; this is about ANY kind of new beginning. Anything that has ever broke you down so low and anything that you’ve managed to survive.

I am all for fresh starts- I LOVE fresh starts. There’s a sense of excitement and relief, almost, when we start something new. Whether it’s a new job, new friendship, new haircut, new shoes, a new mind-set… new love. The fact that you can begin on a new adventure and put your past experiences aside, makes you braver than brave. Now, I am not saying it’s easy. I mean, who wants a friend after one has betrayed them? Who wants a new job after having an a-hole for a boss? Who wants to love after their soul has been ripped apart?  We wrap ourselves in this fairytale where everything plays out the way we want it (or should I say the way we imagined it?) but that’s never the case. I am a firm believer in lessons; things happen for a reason. At every low we learn, we grow and we find more of ourselves. That’s something no one can take away. You leave the negative behind without forgetting it and you move forward. Remembering to always be kind and never change who you are.

Let’s not fight against the winds. Let’s take care of ourselves as we fly toward something new. Then, only then, we can start over.

Take Care