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Current Mood: Glad He's Gone

Current Mood: Glad He's Gone

By: Rosie

He played me from day one and pretended to be a good guy.

He wasn’t my regular type, but he was charming and had kind eyes, so I gave him a chance.

Before I knew it, we were inseparable. He had flowers delivered to my house when we started dating. The next thing I knew, he was promising me "forever."

He seemed too good to be true and, unfortunately, he was.

He'd just gotten out of a relationship and although he ‘loved’ me, he wasn’t ready for another girlfriend.

So we took it slow. But as time went on, he became hyper critical. My biggest fan became negative and nasty. I tried to fight for the love he once promised, but I lost myself trying to prove my worth to him.

Before I knew it, I was the enemy.

After promising he'd “never stop fighting for us,” he ended what I thought would last forever; he "needed space." 

It took so long to reverse the damage he wrought, to see myself as more than disposable. I couldn’t understand how I'd been so wrong about him. 

I even tried to convince myself that he was just going through a phase, and he'd soon realize his mistake and come running back. 

But he didn’t, he won’t, and I finally don’t want him to.

Because I realized that the magic I felt with him was just an illusion.

My biggest mistake was falling for someone who never really cared about me. I believed the lies he spewed and let him into my life, but he never intended on staying.

Despite all the shame, embarrassment, and sadness he made me feel, I’m so glad he showed me who he really is.

I’m thankful he broke my heart and bruised my pride because I can’t imagine living out the rest of my life with someone as hateful as him.