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A Thank You to the Guy Who Never Gave Up Breaking Down My Walls

A Thank You to the Guy Who Never Gave Up Breaking Down My Walls

By: Brittney Lindstrom

I've been given up on before. I've questioned my worth because I've been burned in the past. I’ve been in pieces on the floor, left alone to put myself back together.

I had lost all faith in guys, I thought they were all the same. Until I met you.

You’ve done nothing but prove me wrong.

I’ll admit my walls are heavy and high around my heart, but you’re doing everything in your power to destroy them and I can feel them breaking down.

I know it can be frustrating and probably a little annoying, but I want you to know your efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. I’m so lucky to have met a guy like you who genuinely cares enough to get to know the true me behind the smile I put on every day.

Do you know how happy it makes me feel important enough for you to keep trying?

When I wake up, my smile is genuine. I’m purely happy at the thought of seeing you, or getting a text from you. 

And it’s because of you that my heart’s a little bit lighter with hope for myself and our future.  

In a world full of liars and shady guys, you’re like a breath of fresh air. You’re honest and true to yourself. 

You go out of your way to let me know you're thinking about me. To let me know I mean something to you and that I’m important. 

You make me feel loved every second of every day... even when I’m not the easiest to love. 

And most of all, you won't let me push you away. 

You recognize that me pushing you away isn’t because I’m not interested in you, but because it’s a defense mechanism... one I’m not the most proud of. 

But I’m scared. I’m scared of being hurt again and experiencing the emotional turmoil I have come to know all too well.

And you know I try to brush it off as if it's not that big of a deal but I’m afraid to fall. I’m afraid of getting blindsided like I have in the past… to give myself completely to another human being only to have them steal the light in my heart and leave me broken. 

But you, you’re different. Something deep in me is telling me you’re different, that it’s okay to be vulnerable around you. 

For the first time, I feel so undoubtedly safe with someone and I’m so happy it’s you.

So thank you.

Thank you for the daily reminders that you love me. Thank you for the compliments when I don’t even deserve them. 

Thank you for showing me that it’s okay to let my guard down, that it’s okay to be my true self and not care what anyone else thinks. 

And please, don’t give up on me. Never lose faith that one day I’ll be able to let my walls down for good. 

Because every day, thanks to your love, I feel them break down a little bit more.