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This Fuckboy Phase Needs to End Like Yesterday

This Fuckboy Phase Needs to End Like Yesterday

By: Kayla Leanne Goss

What the fuck happened to being with someone without it being a complicated shit storm?

If we date, that's what it is, dating. We're together. Just us. Not you, me, and another girl. I don't have time for half-assed relationships, almost relationships, a fuck buddy, or anything in between.

I'm so sick of fuckboys who don't know what they want but still lead girls on. Grow the fuck up, we're getting too old for this shit, and I'm over wasting my time.

Why can't these douchebags just communicate and be up front about what they want and are looking for? Why do they have to lie when they know they don't want anything serious? Why can't we be adults about this shit?

When did being a non-committed, lying jerk become the cool new thing to be? When did caring suddenly become lame? When did hurting someone on purpose become the norm?

I guess I never got the memo. Sorry not sorry, asshole.

I'm not your door mat. I'm not here for your convenience. I'm not here for your entertainment. 

Unlike you, I don’t play fucked up games. I’m straight up with how I feel about someone and my heart’s too big to hurt someone on purpose.  

Must suck to be you, because if you're doing shit like that, then you're just a heartless prick 

How can someone have a clean conscious after intentionally destroying, lying, and hurting another person they claim they care about? Am I delusional or am I missing something 

Obviously. Because I don't understand dating nowadays and I sure in the hell don't understand what happened. I've seriously questioned myself as a person because of fuckboy bullshit 

Then I realized, I'm so not to blame. It's the douchebags that lead girls on and make them feel like they're the only ones, like they’re special, only to completely crush them in the process.

It's sad really. It makes me sick to know that the dating world has come down to leading someone on with empty promises and words to make someone feel special with no intentions of following through.

I miss when dating was easy, communicative, and straightforward. I miss knowing where I stood with someone and they mean what they say. I miss when guys actually knew how to be truthful and their actions matched their words.

I miss being able to feel secure and content with the person I like instead of feeling insecure and questioning if they mean what they say and if they actually care. I miss knowing it didn't have to be complicated.

I miss feeling like I was special. I miss feeling like someone cared and meant it.