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The Third Wheel Named Anxiety

The Third Wheel Named Anxiety

By: Brianna

Loving a girl with anxiety can be insanly difficult and extremly stressful, sometimes it can even feel more like a job. Before you get in to deep you need to know how hard it can really become. Some people aren't made for this challege but you can't help who you fall for, but to those of you who at least make an effort, I personally appreiate you.

Sometimes it's going to feel like there is an entire other person in the relationship, and this person consistantly infuses doubt and trust issues. So here is what you really need to know. Anxiety is a real problem, it's not just all made up in her head. Sometimes it even effects day to day life, Making it dreadful. Here are some ways to help her through it.

1.Help Keep Her Grounded-Tell her to name five different animals that can climb, four of her favorite foods, three things she can smell, two things she can touch, and one thing that she can see. Help make her aware of her surroundings.

2.Calming Sentences- Here are some great starting sentences when you need to approach her attacks head on. Remember that anxiety attacks are deafening, you have to have her full attention. "It's okay, I'm here.", "I'm not going anywhere, just focus on my heart beat okay?", "No one can hurt you now."

3.Ignore The Rage- Anxiety is more than just being anxious. It's rage and angry outbursts. You have to remember that she isn't trying to push you away or take her anger out on you. She cannot control her trigger. Don't make her feel ashamed of it.

She may be a lot of work, but I promise you no one will love you like she does. Let her be able to count on you when she needs you. I know it's going to be hard but after all no one said love was easy.