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This is for you, the girl who just had a heartbreak

This is for you, the girl who just had a heartbreak

By: Nawal

Break ups are horrible to deal with. But what I just said cannot compare to how miserable you must  feel right now. 

Miserable to the point where getting up to shower is a struggle. Where sleeping becomes haunting as thoughts of him keeps on playing in your head. The endless self blame and guilt you carry on your back. How scary it must feel to be out in public as you’re afraid of seeing him. The pain in your eyes as you see night time falls because it’s time to weep until your pillow is all soaked. 

I know it all

I  can’t tell you how to magically make all of this disappear because I know in silence you’re hoping this article would aid your broken heart. 

But what I can tell you is to let yourself mourn and feel the pain. Stay in your bed for as long as you want and seek comfort in your own solitude everyday. Hug yourself tight because you are the one who has been there for you through it all. And comfort yourself like how you would do for the ones you love.

 I know it might feel as though you will be here forever. It might take days or even years but know that this too will pass. Have faith and believe that there will be greater things destined for you ahead because the only reason why you had so many beautiful memories with him is because of you. 

Always know that.