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She Can't Keep Second Guessing Herself Because of You

She Can't Keep Second Guessing Herself Because of You

By: Ashley T wilson

Her eyes are heavy but so are the thoughts weighing on her mind. Her heart, too. It feels like it's sunk down into her stomach. Like an anchor to the sea. 

She doesn't know why she keeps allowing herself to stress over you. Maybe because it's that little glimmer of hope she gets when you actually say more than three words to her. 

Maybe it's because she has an inherent need to always see the good in people and believe that they won't hurt her. 

Maybe she just has trust issues. Maybe she just thinks too much. Maybe she just gets attached too easily. But what if she’s trying to hold onto nothing? She wants to have complete confidence that there really is something there. 

She used to be more sure. You see, once people stop making a noticeable effort, things become more confusing. More complicated. 

Once you don't know where you stand with someone, isn't that when you're supposed to walk away? 

That's the guidance she gives, but now she can't even take her own advice. Not with you. She keeps telling herself that you're different and she so desperately wants to believe that.

Whenever she gets an alert on her phone, her heart skips a beat just because she hopes it's from you. Usually, it isn't. But she waits, regardless. She’s even told herself that she'll stop trying to get a hold of you first. 

Let you come to her, for once. You used to seem more interested, more invested. Things are so different now. Now, she’s questioning whether this is something that's still worth her time, her energy, and her emotions. 

What you don't know is anyone in the world could be trying to get her attention, but she only wants you.

She doesn't know what to think, yet she’s overthinking at the same time. Maybe she’s too much of a dreamer and an old soul to think she could find someone in this world of modern dating. 

Maybe she'll always just be the girl who's good enough for a little while, but not forever. That's how it normally goes. She takes her time walking away from who she cares about, but once she’s gone, she’s gone completely. 

So, make your choice because she can't keep second guessing and be left wondering. Either you want this, either you want her.... Or she’ll just have to leave this complicated mess you’ve entangled yourselves in. 

Then, you can say she was never yours and she'll leave you forever.