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You're Not Just My Best Guy Friend, You're My MVP

You're Not Just My Best Guy Friend, You're My MVP

By: Laurieglory

You came into my life at a time when I desperately needed a friend, you understood me and accepted me as I was. You pieced me back together and helped me find new meaning in my life.

Thank you for standing by my side on my worst days and holding me when I needed to cry. 

You replaced my pain with an intense joy that I didn't think I was still capable of and taught me how to be happy and carefree again. 

You gave me a reason to keep fighting when I wanted to give up. When I feel like everyone's against me, you're always right there to cheer me on. 

When my depression was bad, you reminded me that I was special and important. You didn't let me forget that there's so much more to life than the low points. 

When I had panic attacks and could barely breathe, you calmed me down.

You loved me on the good days, when I was easy to love, but you still cared just as much on the days when I couldn't stop sobbing and didn't want to get out of bed. 

You know me even better than I know myself and you never let my flaws stand in the way of our friendship. 

You're my safe haven, a place where I won't be judged by my past mistakes. 

You're always around when I call or text you to vent and you're a master at helping me escape from my mind. You've been a real MVP in my life and honestly, you deserve the world. 

You continue to show how much you love me through simple gestures, the way you hug me and the texts making sure I made it home safely. 

You are my best friend, the only guy I can trust with my secrets and my life.