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To My Childhood Friends, You're My Rock And Support System

To My Childhood Friends, You're My Rock And Support System

By: Kimi Ann-Marie

We meet so many people in our lifetime. Some stay and some leave from the time we’re born until the present.

The friends that stain our hearts and stay by our side begin to mean the world to us.

Childhood friends who stand in our lives become family.

They have seen us at our worse and our best.

Do they judge us? Of course, but it’s out of love. Well if tears aren’t coming down your face.

Whenever you need a shoulder to cry on your childhood friend will always be there.

They’re the rock we pick up and never let go. They’re the rock you always lead on.

When you were awkward and going through puberty, they were right there with you; going through the same thing.

When you were down and feeling like the world was crashing down on you, they were there to lift your spirits up.

They celebrate with you when something works in your favor.

No matter what happened in life, your childhood friends will always give you the best advice.

Because they know you the best and how to make you listen even when you don’t want to hear it.

Yes, they listen and always there, but sometimes life pulls friendship strings and moves people away from each other.

Life may think it twisted the friendship. Your childhood friends and you know distance is just a number and will never define you.

You know it’s not sure because whenever you see each other again it feels like you were never apart.

Without them, you would be still lost because they’re always there to remind you how strong and everything you have overcome.

Life isn’t perfect. But at least you have, you’re childhood friends, right?

After all, they are the person who helped shape you into woman you are today.