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She Might Be Fifty Shades of Messy, but She Has a Heart of Gold

She Might Be Fifty Shades of Messy, but She Has a Heart of Gold

By: Brittney Lindstrom

She has attachment issues, co-dependency problems, and overall, she’s fifty shades of a mess. But she has a heart of gold.  

She loves hard and she loves strong. She will have your back and support you as long as she’s breathing. You are going to have to fight for her every day and put forth the effort to make this work, but she promises you that she will be worth the fight.

You are worth the fight she’s battling now with herself so that she can be the best person possible for you. You are worth it. As you will come to find out, she has been through some rough times and she’s finally figured out why. 

Instead of figuring out why she kept going through bad experiences, she ran away. Anytime she was confronted with issues and problems, she avoided it like the plague. 

That was until her last relationship ended so horribly and abruptly. She had to stop running if she wanted a future.

You deserve a good life and she does not want to hurt you by not addressing her problems and facing them head on. She’s going to be able to share all these amazing things with you. 

She knows that when the time is right you will be together. She’s a very strong-hearted person who will travel to and from the moon as many times for you. 

She will walk through fire for those she loves and cares for deeply.

She gets over-emotional and she’s highly sensitive so be gentle with her heart and she will protect yours until the end of time. 

She will always have your back and will always validate you and your feelings. She just wants to love you and be there for you every step of our journey.

Today, she can proudly say that because of wanting to be a better version of herself, she will not accept anything less than she deserves. That is partially because of you. You deserve the best version of herself, not the immature and irresponsible her.

She does not cheat and does not deal with dishonesty or being disloyal. She’s honest and a ride or die type of chick. 

You need to know that she’s always going to be a work in progress but only for the better. She will stand by you through your ups and down no matter how big or small you think they are...but if you do not treat her the same way, she will not stand for that. One thing she has realized in her soul search is that she deserves respect and reciprocation. 

She’s sure you will agree and you will go above and beyond for her and for the both of you. 

Together, you will be able to conquer anything. You will give love a definition and meaning of our own. No one will be able to take that away from the two of you. 

You will not allow our experiences to dictate our future and allow it to defeat you. Together, as a couple, you will win...and that is worth the wait.

She wishes you did not have to go through all these negative experiences and heartache in order to find each other. Then again, you do not have much say in the direction life chooses to take you on. 

She’s just trying to enjoy the journey. In this journey, she’s finding out who she is and what she likes. 

She’s finding out the basic things everyone should already know about themselves. She’s finding out that she’s not to blame for everything that happens in life. 

She’s learning how to live life on life’s terms because life does not happen according to her plan or schedule.

Regardless of how you meet or if you already know each other, it will be the right time. And when the time is right, you will have more than you had ever imagined. 

For now, she’ll see you in her dreams.