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To my imperfectly perfect husband, and father of my child

To my imperfectly perfect husband, and father of my child

By: Taylor Ward

It’s not (usually) you. It’s  (usually) me. 

I know there are days where we fight like cats and dogs, and it just seems like this is always how it is going to be. But, let’s be real for a second. I admit it; I’m a difficult person. I am constantly moody and snapping at you. I most definitely don’t make it easy for you most days. But, you usually handle it like a champ. You apologize when I’m the one who started the fight; when I’m the one who is to blame for whatever ridiculous thing we’re fighting about now, and I am amazed at how well you handle me acting like a toddler.

You are an AMAZING father. 

There is no doubt about it; you have taken on this role like you were meant to be a father. You are a natural, darling. I couldn’t ask for a better partner to tackle this wonderfully difficult task with. I see our daughter’s eyes light up every evening when you come home from work, and I am amazed at the love she has for you. The way you play with her, and laugh with her warms my heart; these small moments are memories that I will cherish forever.

Sometimes, I just need to be alone. 

On those mightily difficult days where I am just impossible to get along with, I usually just want to be left alone. You have to remember, I am with a tiny human all day long, and just want some peace and quiet for a few minutes a day. Yes, I do care about how your day went, just like you care about how mine went, but for the moment, I would just like to use the bathroom without someone watching me or knocking insistently on the door. I need that five or ten minutes to just take a deep breath, get that shower in that I haven’t had in 3 days, and then continue my day. And if I do snap at you for something, please just remember my fuse I short from that tiny human asking me a million and three questions and pushing all of my buttons for twelve hours straight. Once again, it’s not you, it’s me.

You are doing an AMAZING job. 

I know there are days where you doubt your ability to do anything correctly; goodness knows I do, and I just want you to know that you are killing it. You are a super husband, and dad. You go to work and deal with impossible, ungrateful people all day long, and you come home to a screaming child and a frustrated wife (on most days.) How you don’t have a constant headache baffles me. You still manage to ask how my day went, and help me with the house work that didn’t get done during the day (which is a lot somedays!) I want to assure you on those days that you feel like you are not doing a good job that you in fact are.

You are enough for us. 

We both LOVE you for who you are. On days when you just feel like you’re not enough and that you’ve failed as a person, I assure you that you haven’t. You are only human; you can only do so much. I promise you that you have gone above and beyond in your role as a husband and a father.