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To The Girl He Chose Over Me, Here's What You Need To Know

To The Girl He Chose Over Me, Here's What You Need To Know

By: Emily McDonald

I bet you feel damn good about yourself right now.

And I will admit, you put up a good fight. So congrats, you did it. After months of fierce competition, you have emerged victorious and are walking away with the ever so “great” title of, “his.”

I bet you’re feeling so wanted, and needed. Like you won.

But the truth is, you really just lost.

Ask yourself this, what do you really expect to come out of a relationship with a guy that wasn’t sure enough about you to chose you to begin with?

Makes you think right? 

I bet he told you that he cut contact with me, and that he left. 

That you’re the one he wants, you have won his ever so precious heart, and I’m sure you really want that to be true, but I’m sorry it’s just not.

 I’m sure you’re a smart girl, otherwise he never would have developed an interest in you to begin with, but think about it. How many times has he told you he’s done with me, that I’m in the past, that it’s you?

I’m sure you believed him. Hell, I did too. Just to see your name appear on his screen within a couple days like everything he said to me was just as easily erased like he said you were from his life. 

I’m sure it’s going to be so great for the first little while, he’s going to make you feel special, you’re going to feel on top of the world and like you’re untouchable.

After all, he chose you right? Wrong.

I’m going to be there, in the back of your mind every single time your relationship is anything but perfect, because you know I was there when things got a little rough, how all of a sudden he became distant, and was unsure about the person he was with, you.

Every time you see my name pop up on his phone, every time he likes one of my posts, or you even hear my name brought up in conversation, you’ll remember me. And you will hate me. But only because of the person he has made me out to be.

So let’s straighten one thing out, I chose myself, not him. 

After all what’s the point of fighting for someone that isn’t fighting for you? 

Day by day I started to realize how much I chose him, and how little I chose myself. So I left, and I ran. Just like I would advise you do too. 

I stopped settling for, “I need time,” and bull shit, “I love you’s” when he continued to talk to a girl he said not to worry about. 

I did it for me, and I can only hope soon enough you will do it for you too, because “winning” someone that didn’t love you enough to chose you to begin with, isn’t really winning, now is it?

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