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To the guy who can't get over his ex

To the guy who can't get over his ex

By: Julia Kosut

One of the hardest things in life is having to let go of something that you never planned on being without. 

It's even harder accepting the fact that the one person that you would take a bullet for, is the same person that pulled the trigger and shattered your heart.

I understand it's easier said than done, 

I understand how much you loved her and still do,

I understand you thought you would spend your life with her. 

The memories you two share are the memories that you two will always have to hold onto till the day you die.

The happy, special moments that you hold so close are irreplaceable.

People change, she changed into a girl that deliberately hurt you, and slept with your best friend. 

a girl that walks all over you,

a girl that makes you feel worthless, bashes your career,

a girl that makes you second guess everything you are at today,

a girl that is now somebody you don't know.

You need to get your backbone straightened out,

get your balls out of her hands, 

and be the man that your mother raised you to be. 

Most importantly, do it for yourself.

It's time to weld the doors shut to the past, and stand up for yourself, be a man and move forward in your life. 

Learn from the heartbreak and learn to forgive but never forget.

You can't fix yourself by breaking everyone else.

The same person that broke you, isn't the person that is going to fix you.

You are the one in control now, 

You can do it.