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Because Not Even Death Can Stop Our Love

Because Not Even Death Can Stop Our Love

By: Jezreel Medina

You were my first and last love. I dedicated my whole life to you and because you deserved the world. 

As we began our life together, my happiness was so all-consuming that I almost went crazy trying to tame it. 

You were always there to keep things lovely despite the bills we had to pay and the rest of life's unpleasantness. 

Every moment I spent with you now feels like a dream I wasn't prepared to wake up from. The day I lost you was the most horrible nightmare I'd ever had.

All of a sudden, I lost the biggest part of myself. There was nothing I could do to bring you back to the life we were supposed to be sharing. It felt like your death was my death, too. 

My breaths were silent cries of misery; I was so hurt that I couldn’t think straight. How was I supposed to live a life without you? 

How can I face life when your hands aren't there to hold mine? 

I can’t hear your voice telling me that things will be fine and I’m going to be great. I can’t feel the safety of your touch or wake up with you beside me every morning, smiling brightly as the sun. 

I lost you now, my love, and I feel like I lost myself too. God gave me only a little time with you and now he wants to keep you all to Himself.

Although it hurts to my core, knowing that you’re going to be happy for the rest of time is somehow a relief to me. Losing you was painful, but I want to be the brave woman you always believed I was.

I’m letting you go now, but my love will stay with you for longer than my lifetime. We may be in different realms for now, but I know that someday we’re going to see each other again. 

When that time comes, we'll never have to be apart again. We'll have all the time in the world to say the words we said long ago, “My love, I love you forever.”