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Your Toxic "Friendship" Left Me No Choice but to Walk Away

Your Toxic "Friendship" Left Me No Choice but to Walk Away

By: Jennifer

I didn't cut you off because I'm some selfish "princess," I did it because I was fed up. It was exhausting and draining to go out of my way to help you, but get nothing in return when I needed support. 

You constantly left me alone to pick up the broken pieces of myself, which is an important skill to have, but I can't keep giving my heart away and getting hurt.

For so long, I gave up control to you. You told me who to talk to and what I should want; you minimized my feelings.

You made me believe that was real friendship, that's why I stuck around for so long.

You always said "love you girl," but did you really, or did you just love the way I would stick around no matter how many times you shattered me? 

Either way, after dealing with your toxic breed of 'friendship' for long enough, I finally had a breakthrough. I realized that anyone who truly loved me wouldn't hurt me. 

I stood up for myself, for once. I decided that I was done putting myself last for people who didn't care about me at all. I took my life back after reminding myself that I was the only one in control of it.

Now that you're out of my life, all I want is for you to grow.

I want you to succeed and become someone you love, but this time, you'll have to do it without my help. 

I'm not going to be there to catch you when you fall because I need to catch myself instead. 

I hope you find true happiness, not the kind where you're constantly comparing your life to others' to see who has more. 

Fall in love with your image and mind, with yourself; I did and I have to say, it's so beautiful.