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We're Siblings, You Can't Just Cut Me out of Your Life

We're Siblings, You Can't Just Cut Me out of Your Life

By: Nicole Clements

We didn’t choose to be in each other’s lives, God put us together for a reason. 

Siblings are supposed to be there for each other through it all, be the one we turn to when Mom and Dad are on our last nerves, the one we confide in and trust with our lives. 

So why did you decide to leave? 

We went from siblings to best friends to nothing in what felt like a heartbeat. With no closure, no explanation, nothing. 

You were the only person I went to for honest, sound advice. The only person I could talk to about literally anything without even hesitating. 

I lost the one person I never expected to lose in my entire life. I wasn't supposed to lose you.

Please, tell me, what did I do to drive you so far away? Did I really bother you that much? 

These questions flood my mind almost all day and at the most unexpected times I get this feeling in my stomach like something’s missing. And it’s you. You’re missing. 

I don’t know anything about you anymore. It kills me that people I barely know, people who are nothing more than an acquaintance to me, know more about my life than you do. 

But what hurts me, even more, is that there’s no coming back from this, at least not 100%. Our relationship is never going to be the same even if you were to come back. 

I don’t have my best friend to stumble through life with anymore and honestly, I’m so broken I don’t think I will ever completely heal.

Even if I do, the edges of my heart won’t be smooth like they used to be. They’ll be jaded, rugged, and sharp. 

I would've never exiled you the way you did to me. I would've never put you through the mind numbing pain of being without your sibling for this long without even understanding what happened. 

Nothing in this world would’ve made me treat you like you weren’t family like you were just another human being wandering around helplessly. 

But I guess what it comes down to is the fact that sometimes, you can love someone with your entire being, trust them with your entire soul, and even if their family, they will still break your heart. 

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