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These TV Couples Are to Blame for Our Unrealistic Expectations About Love

These TV Couples Are to Blame for Our Unrealistic Expectations About Love

By: E. Courier

Almost every TV show has some sort of romantic story line, but only a few couples stand out as serious #RelationshipGoals.

  1. Lily Aldrin and Marshall Erickson. They met the first week of college and did everything together. They had the most adorable nicknames (Lilypad + Marshmallow = 4ever) and just seriously loved each other. 

  2. They stuck it out though everything: Lily’s dysfunctional family, Marshall’s mom not caring for Lily, job changes, dream changes, etc. Plus, their high-fives without even looking are serious goals.

  3. Nathan Scott and Haley James. Despite the odds, they worked. They were total opposites and too young, but their love was beautiful. She made him a better person and he brought out a side of her no one had ever seen. 

  4. No matter what, Haley stood faithfully by Nathan’s side and Nathan, despite all obstacles, loved Haley more than anything, even basketball. 

  5. Chandler Bing and Monica Gellar. They love each other because of, not in spite of, all their quirks and they were both willing to sacrifice for the other. They truly embody what it's like to marry your best friend.

  6. Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly. Even before they were a couple, they were constantly pranking Dwight. Pam was engaged and Jim dated other people, but they always wanted the best for each other. 

  7. They stopped being friends for awhile, but they came back together. He had the ring a week after they started dating - that's real love.

  8. Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd. These two had a rough start. It was messy and unconventional, but they fought to be together because it physically pained them to be apart. 

  9. They did things their way. They were one relationship that seemed that they would stand the test of time, no matter what was thrown at them...until he got killed off.

  10. Luke Danes and Lorelai Gilmore. It might have taken them years to get it right, but boy did they ever. They're a true testament to building a friendship before a relationship. 

  11. They confided in each other and annoyed each year for years before getting involved. They each watched the other fail in relationships and succeed in business, and always cheered each other on. 

    They were always challenging each other, even if they pushed a little too much at times. Luke was her sanity and Lorelai his spark, plus a relationship built around coffee and breakfast foods can never really go wrong. 

  12. Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf. They were awful to each other for so long. At first, their relationship was built on lust and lies. 

  13. But after years of dysfunctional war between them, they grew up and realized what was important. They were forceful as individuals, but absolutely unstoppable together. 

    They fought hard and loved harder. They got over all the lies and manipulation, giving us hope and reminding us not to sweat the small stuff. 

  14. Cory Matthews and Topanga Lawrence. They were each other's first kiss and first love. They experienced everything together, from high school to college. They argued, but they just couldn't stay mad at each other. 

    They were uniquely themselves and loved each other without trying to change one another. Plus, Topanga screwing gender roles and proposing to Cory at graduation melted our hearts. 

We know it'll be hard for anyone in real life to live up to role models like these, but we're holding out hope anyway.

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