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What to Consider Before Buying a Radio-Controlled Toy

What to Consider Before Buying a Radio-Controlled Toy

By: Lizzette Angst

Photo by Mr. Worker, CC0 1.0

We often underestimate things we need to take a look at before getting a radio-controlled car, truck or any other toy for our children. Most of the times, we are only concerned with how the toy looks but there are tons of other considerations that are inherently significant while going for a radio-controlled toy. Given the technology heights we have reached in today’s world, these considerations actually help you see whether your kid will be able to handle the toy easily while you can also keep a sharp eye on them, hence, let’s take a quick look at these considerations that will assist you next time you are choosing an RC toy for children.

1. Frequency

You have to go for different frequencies if you are buying toys for more children and commonly a normal RC car or truck has a frequency of 22 or 49 MHz. you can see what the frequency is on the box itself while if you are going to get the toys for two kids, choose the ones with distinct frequencies. It is also noticeable that many micro-sized Radio controls do not have any frequencies and they actually are made of infrared frequencies, so checking frequency of the RC is surely a key factor to go for.

2. Size

Size is another chief thing to consider since your kids can be choked up by a small RC toy so you have to pick up an ideal size that is not too much big or small for children. Also, make sure to select the size in a way that the toy is easy to carry for the kid but the parts of it are properly attached so that the children do not end up swallowing it.

3. Durability

It is believed that the more your kid is young, it is important the toy has less small parts to it. Also, to make it last longer, keep in mind that it should be durable. Most of the time it is noticed that RC cars and trucks turn out to be more durable than aero-planes and flying toys that end up being broken. 

4. Surroundings- Outdoors or Indoors?

The environment for playing is important to note since if you live in a small apartment then the kids should have stationary RC toys like robots and dolls that can be at a place rather than making the children run around playing with it and messing up the whole living space. So, buy RC cars, trucks and other racing toys only if you have a bigger space or you can take kids to a park for playing while opt for simple RC still toys that can show tricks and perform things without making the kids going all around in a small space.

5. Controllers and Remote

Every RC toy is known for the kind of frequency its control possesses. So, age is a significant criterion for choosing remote because RC toys for younger kids have less complicated remote than those of older ages. Make sure that controls are easy to operate for your kid without messing up with the frequency and the toy.

6. Features and Design

Quality and design are also considerable because the RC toys for younger children have more of a safe design that cannot be easily broken and projected to abuse. That’s why take a look at the features and overall design of the RC toy you are buying and make sure that it matches the skills and capacity that your kid can handle.

7. Safety and Utility

Last but not the least; Safety is the utmost thing we have to consider while buying any toy. Also, for utility, see if the toy is easy to grasp and carry from one place to another. RCs also should not have any harmful parts that can harm children. Also, you can checkout radio controlled car buying guides online where you can learn about the safety rules to consider before buying RC cars and other similar toys.

Hence, these are the supreme considerations that you must take a look at while going for RC toys thus making sure that your children are safe and sound while playing.