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What Your Panera Order Really Says About You

What Your Panera Order Really Says About You

By: Anna Bell

If you say 'Panera Bread,' you don’t belong here. 

It’s Panera and it’s the home for all basic girls, aside from Starbucks and the Ugg store.

Chicken Cesar Salad

You’re predictable but in a good way. 

You are the reliable friend that everyone wants around. You don’t go out and do crazy things on the weekends. Your bra is definitely skin tone and your relationship with your parents can’t be beaten. 

You’re laid back, but never boring. You can have a good time doing just about anything… as long as there are snacks.  

Chicken Noodle Soup

Your life is basically falling apart at the seams but you are trying to hold it together by faking it through each day. 

You cry in your car when sad songs come on, you can’t watch an NSPCA commercial without going into a full blown depression. Leggings are your go-to wardrobe staple and oversized t-shirts adorn your closet. 

There is probably cat hair all over your LuLaRoe leggings. And be honest, you own at least one coloring book that was sold to you as a stress reliever.  

Seasonal Watermelon/Strawberry/Pumpkin/Pear Salad

You are sooo trendy. SoulCycle LITERALLY changed your entire life. Your Lululemon collection trumps your denim collection. Your style is somewhere between wearing chokers ironically and Lilly Pulitzer. 

Sometimes you’re too moody for your own good but you make up for it with your sweetness when you’re in a good mood.

Mac and Cheese

You are carefree but not hippie carefree. You honestly just don’t give a fuck about what you eat but somehow still have a banging body. 

You’re the girl with the messy ponytail who jokes about skipping showers but isn’t joking. Seriously, why can’t we be you? 

Guys chase you and you have zero interest in their constant desire to give you attention. We all hate you but simultaneously need your validation so we know we aren’t total losers.   

Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich 

You might be a vegetarian but you don’t care to share it with the world. Healthy is somewhat a part of your vocab but let’s be real, giving up bread is actually crazy. 

You’re sassy, but not in your face about it. You are edgier than your friends realize, but you like to keep that to yourself. 

You might be persuaded to go for a run after a weekend of binge drinking but you would rather just do a Zumba video in the basement. 

Passion Papaya Iced Green Tea and a Bagel

You are hungover or in a crazy rush to work… or both. 

Ignoring the fact that your ‘healthy’ tea is a sugary nightmare without any trace of caffeine, you are also entirely content eating a caloric chunk of hard bread smothered with flavored cheese spread. 

Your purse is filled with pens, old receipts and an obscene amount of lipsticks. Dry shampoo is holding your life together.