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When Depression Hits

When Depression Hits

By: laiken Fulmer

Ugh, here we go again. One minute you are loving everything about life, and in a spilt second, sometimes for no reason at all, you “feel” terrible. Like all you energy has been sucked right out of you, and you slowly watch all the things that once made you happy, drift away. Desperately you try to hold on so tightly to these things that “seem” to be vanishing.

This is the feeling people with depression have. And the more we try to explain to people our “feelings”, the more depressed we get, because they usually say, “You have to just suck it up.” “Don’t be a baby.” “That’s life.” Then you begin to wonder if you really are weak. If everyone feels this exact way and for some reason, you are the one who can’t seem to conquer it like everyone else.

Well, I have news for you. You’re not weak. They truly don’t know the gut wrenching feelings we feel, and the loneliness that comes upon us trying to swallow us whole in a room full of people. And that’s ok. It’s not their fault either. The only thing that becomes either of our faults in when we point fingers.

They don’t understand people with depression, because they don’t have it, and we don’t understand why they don’t understand for the EXACT same reason. So if you are someone who struggles with the random depression wall, so me a favor, and don’t let yourself or someone else make you feel small. No that telling people you are no ok, when you are not ok, is truly a freeing feeling. And if you are someone that does not understand the “depression”, think before you put someone down. Try to understand, and help build them back up. You might just save a life.