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When the going gets tough, and it's tough to keep going

When the going gets tough, and it's tough to keep going

By: Kate McCal

Get up. Get ready for work. Eat some breakfast (most likely an apple or some raisins). Drive to work. Motivate yourself to get out of your car instead of going back home to your warm bed. Hope that some coffee that is blacker than your soul is made. Progress through your morning ignoring the fact that you’re up before the sun. Warm up your lunch (some sort of carb-less, protein filled good for your health but not your soul kind of edibles). Watch the clock hands move ever so slowly for another four hours while only thinking of chicken nuggets and chocolate. Finally, clock out and manage to drive home without falling asleep.

These are the bad days. Those days that never want to end and you have zero motivation to want to do anything productive. So I dare ask, how does one exercise when you feel like nothing is left in you???

            We all have them. I don’t care how dedicated to the gym life you are, some days you just don’t wanna do it. It’s upsetting. You had such great motivation last week! You were a little tired yesterday but you still killed your workout! What happened? Where did that person go? Who stole all of your energy? When will your motivation be back?? I ask these question every time I have one of those days. I make such great progress only to start slipping right when I need to climb higher. But in all honesty, I’m only human. I could beat myself up over this which will only make me feel worse and eat more junk food, or, I could just chalk one up to having a bad day. Yes, I gave up. But only momentarily! I’m not super woman (yet) and I can only expect such things to happen.

            So when the going gets tough and you just don’t feel like going anymore that day, know that it’s ok to still be human. Now, multiple slips like this in a row will take you two steps in the wrong direction and you will eventually lose all that you have worked for so far. However, one day every now and then will not ruin your new dream body. What I like to tell myself is, is that on my one day a week “cheat day” I won’t be able to let loose as much as I could have if I hadn’t skipped out on the gym because of my bad day. It may not be science but it’s balance in my eyes.

Don’t be discouraged by a bad day! Life is tiresome. Some days we just can’t do it all. Give in once in a while. Just don’t give up!