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Why I Love Football Season

Why I Love Football Season

By: Mystic Mystery

Spoiler alert: I am a band kid. I was the girl that marched that field every week with a bass clarinet that was the same size as me. I loved football season, though and not just for band.

Football season is one of my favorite times of the year. Everyone gets out of their homes to enjoy something with people they would not see or talk to otherwise. 

Football is a sport that is loved all over America and for good reason. It’s a sport that is full of potential to have you and your friends on top of your feet yelling at a screen or people on a field.

If there is one thing that Americans are passionate about, it is their football team. Millions of dollars are bet, won, and lost on a single game. 

Football has the surprise aspect that makes someone excited to watch. You won't know who wins before they play. You have to watch the game to see the outcome which is awesome. 

Football season also would not be complete without the band kids. We sit in the stands and more often than not, cheer louder than the cheerleaders. We play music to get people hyped.

Band has always been something I have been overly passionate about. Music is something that has made life better for me, and most of the people in the world today. Music is important. 

The band kids are just as much a part of football season as they team is. Band kids attend every game, and they work long into the late hours and early morning hours to get their show perfect. 

Football teams get all the glory this time of year. The band kids are out in the heat and the elements just as the team is around the same time span as well. 

Football teams get pep rallies in their honor while the band has to play the pep rallies, and they are lucky if they get any notice for what they do.

The team is funded by the school, and they usually get the money from the ticket sales as well. The band gets no funding from the school most of the time, and they always have do fundraisers to get money. Music is expensive.

I love football season for the sport, the people, the atmosphere, and the bands along with the teams that put so much money, time and effort into what they are passionate about. 

Next time you go to a football game, remember the band kids put a lot of time into the halftime show, and maybe stand up and watch some of it, if not all of it.