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You Are Not Better Off Dead

You Are Not Better Off Dead

By: Mystic Mystery

You grew up as a bright and beautiful child who was always told that you would go on to do something amazing. Well that little kid grew up, and that all changed. 

Back in grade school you were always the smart kid that brought home all the best grades, and you were proud of yourself for that because you liked being the smart kid. 

You never did have a lot of friends as kid. You were always doing your school work, or doing something that wasn’t what the popular kids wanted to do. 

When you were in middle school, you found new friends and decided that you wanted to look better and do things other than school. Your grades dropped from the best to the second best.

Your parents did not like that at all, and you did not know how to tell them that for the first time ever you had friends and were happy.  They said school was more important than your looks and friends. You were finally happy, but you let them down.

 You started high school with a few friends, and you still didn’t look as pretty as the others. Girls made fun of you for not looking as “pretty” as they did. You weren’t the smart kid anymore.

You were not happy anymore then. Your friends left you for a new better friend or boyfriend or girlfriend. You found yourself being replaced, and that broke you. You didn’t know what to do.

One friend after another went on their own path, and you had yours.. You started to have anxiety and get depressed. You felt alone, and no one understood.

Your parents were no help because they said that mental illness wasn’t an issue. People just chose to be unhappy. It was their fault. Little did they know about how you felt.

Your frineds came back a few years later toward the end of school. All of you had some form of axxiety or depression, and most of you self harmed. You were terrified of anyone knowing.

You finally got a boyfriend, and he seemed to be the best person ever. Well he was far from it. He was emotionally and mentally abusive and played on your depression and anxiety. 

He put it in your head that no one would love you. You weren’t important. You did not matter. He went and did what he wanted and left you broken alone, again. That was the first time you wanted to die.

After high school, no one wanted to see you. You weren’t the friend anyone missed. You didn’t have the best summer. Your abusive boyfriend was there for you like he always was making you feel two inches tall. 

You wanted out. You wanted it to stop. You wanted to die and be at peace. You knew no one would miss you. No one cared about you. You were not loved.

You felt like this for a long time until one day it all changed.  You were about to take your life the next day when you had a dream about everything your life could be. You realized for the first time in years you were important. You wanted to live for the first time in a while. 

The world is cold, cruel, and heartless. You are not like the world. You have feelings. You show emotion. You know how it feels to be hurt. 

The world loves to show you that there will always be someone prettier, skinnier, better looking, more popular, or more desirable than you will ever be. That is simply not true. 

You are not better off dead. You have worth. People do love you. Life gets better. Things change. You had a bad start, but that doesn’t mean the future is bad. The future is bright and beautiful just like you.