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Your Breaking Your Own Heart By Comparing Yourself

Your Breaking Your Own Heart By Comparing Yourself

By: Rain cooper

It is known that we all have compared each other at some point in time during our lives, and honestly it is one of the most unproductive and destructive habits. And we do it with just about everything; relationships, jobs, homes, degrees, shoes, jewelry, popularity etc. 

You do it so much to the point where your self esteem is at an all time low and you know have an abundance of negative thoughts and feelings harboring inside of you. For some outside of yourself as well. Which isn't surprising considering your being your own judge and executioner day in and day out. 

The shitty thing about comparing is that it's always a loosing situation whether you realize it or not. Here are the two scenarios ; how often do you compare yourself to someone who is knowingly less fortunate? Thus we consider ourselves beyond blessed. Or we compare ourselves to someone who we feel is doing, feeling and looking better than we feel about ourselves. 

To be honest, you determining your worth based off of how you view others your holding your own happiness hostage. 

Your making it harder for yourself to focus on your strengths and what you excel in. This can be demeaning, and prevent you from enjoying many aspects within your life. You need to learn how to become aware of how you view yourself build up your confidence, set goals, and really learn your emotions as well as behaviors so you can improve your opinion of self.  

Because, the thing is no matter how many people you have cheering you on and staying by your side you won't succeed or truly grow if you can't get on your own side.  

With that being said let me ask you this; rather than comparing yourself to others why don't you try and reflect on your present and past self? Keep the comparison inside you so you can measure your own growth. Keep the comparison within yourself so you can learn to trust yourself live authentically, creatively, and bravely. 

We all have different backgrounds. We all came in with our own criteria for life and what to expect; with our own gifts to share, burdens to carry, lessons to learn and losses to experience so in time we can master the beautiful creation of ourselves. 

I get that it might be tough resisting the comparison. But you are ultimately in control of your life. You make choices that set the direction for each path you walk. You make decisions that are best for you, not for anybody else. 

The freedom in comparing less is certainly worth the effort.