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You’re Allowed to Be Scared of Falling in Love With Me

You’re Allowed to Be Scared of Falling in Love With Me

By: Anna Bell

I am a handful. I will not ever deny that.

Most men expect that the love of their life will be a cakewalk; she will float into his life with a radiating cuteness and be softly spoken like a little kitten.

Some days I embody that precious nature but other days, I am as unpredictable as a hurricane.

I can be emotionally irrational when I feel neglected. I will cry at things that do not deserve tears.

I wake up some mornings and I feel so optimistic about what the day will bring; I am cheerful and want all the cuddles and kisses.

Bad days can bring an overwhelming numbness; I will not be emotional. Rather, I will be a robot. I will not be fazed by anything you say or do. Nothing will cause a reaction.

You are allowed to be scared that some days you might not know how to handle me but know that I’m just as scared about letting you see those sides of me.

You shouldn’t fear though.

I cannot promise perfection but I can promise that everyday I wake up knowing that I’m yours, my heart will be at ease.

Even on my worst days I will unconditionally love you for everything you have done for me and for the months of staying in the sidelines during some of my darkest days when any other person would have ran.

When everything else is a mess and I feel like the world is falling apart, I will embrace the simple truth that one thing does work: us.

You are the only thing that does not scare me because I know that with you, my world makes sense.