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"You're My Person, You Make Me Brave"

"You're My Person, You Make Me Brave"

By: Ali Nicole

You are my person, the one human in this world I would lean on in all times, good or bad, ugly or beautiful. If I fell, I would want you to catch me—or hide a dead body with me if things go a little too far.

I couldn’t be half of the person I am without you by my side.

It isn’t that you make me whole, or that you make me better; you just make me push these buttons I didn’t know I could push. You make sure I go the places I didn’t see as a possibility.

And I guess that means you make me brave; brave enough to tough out the waters I wouldn’t cross; brave enough to feel the world in new ways; brave enough to trust myself to take on new journeys.

I can’t imagine not having you beside me as we take on life. We have so many adventures to embark on, you and me, that will push us past our boundaries and make us whole. Only we can be there to shove at each other a little to cross those lines.

That’s just what a great friend does for people, isn’t it? If a friendship is static, what kind of friendship is really at hand? Ours is anything but. Every day is new and different, every day is full of lessons and new possibilities

I’m glad we change each other constantly. I’m glad we fight, that we make each other angry. I’m glad we frustrate each other. I'm glad that we're there for each other to dance it out on the worst days, or go grab fro-yo.

At the end of the day, I’m mostly just glad that you’re by my side as we move forward. We are adventuring into a life that’s only made complete with each other in it.

To be each others’ person may be a made-up term, but to me it means everything. I’m glad you are the person it describes, that you are the person who makes me better.

That you make me brave.

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